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Property Management

The Greystone team works closely with property owners to ensure a smooth transition process when we assume responsibility for a new property. Utilizing tools such as our PM Planning and Management Takeover Checklist we will implement a sound plan, and strategy, that meet the owner’s goals and objectives for the property.

The areas of service and tasks we can perform are:

Financial/ Administrative Services: 

  • Preparation of annual operating budgets
  • Monthly financial reporting (tailored to each client’s needs)
  • Estimating, reconciling, and recovering common area, occupancy costs and condo fees
  • Payment of all operating expenses
  • Payment of mortgage and/or other financing payments
  • Maintaining Reserve Fund as per the Alberta Condo Act
  • Facilitating insurance coverage and payments
  • Facilitating audits, if required
  • Filing GST returns
  • Record keeping

Tenant Relations:

  • Ongoing communication with tenants
  • Collection/enforcement of rent and/or condo fees or other tenant payment obligations
  • Monitoring of lease and/ or by-law compliance
  • Regular site visits
  • Facilitation of tenant inquiries or complaints
  • Review of tenant requests and drawings for improvements to the premise
  • Tenant retention programs

Building Maintenance and Operations:                   

  • Snow removal & landscaping
  • All general repairs & maintenance of common property
  • Parking lot repairs
  • HVAC and preventative maintenance contracts
  • Janitorial services
  • Elevators
  • Roof repairs
  • Security
  • Fire alarm and sprinkler systems
  • Waste Removal


Greystone is a licensed brokerage providing lease renewal and documentation services for existing tenants.

While we can complete new lease deals, we recommend vacancies be listed and marketed by a local Leasing Brokerage. Our team works with, and has relationships with all of the major brokerage houses. We will consult with the owner, broker, and tenant, to ensure the objectives and expectations of all parties are met.

We are comfortable with, and have extensive experience taking the lead role in renewal or lease negotiations; however some owners prefer to handle this personally. In this case, we work behind the scenes to support the owner and prepare any documentation required (leases, renewals, assignments, etc.).

Whether we handle the initial lease negotiation, or it is done by the owner, the client’s team will transition the tenant into the building. We will step forward as the tenant’s point of contact and will assume the responsibilities for the ongoing management of the premises.


Development and Construction Management

We have extensive experience in assessing, negotiating and implementing capital and tenant improvements on behalf of our clients (for new and renewing tenants).

We work diligently to develop fair and equitable solutions that will satisfy tenants, while offering the greatest value to the landlord, based on their short and long-term objectives for the property. In addition, we take great pride in our proactive approach to identify potential maintenance concerns before they become serious problems.

Depending on the extent of the repair, our Property Manager or Building Operator can manage projects directly, and will utilize our Development Manager as a consultant. For major renovations and capital projects that may be outside the comfort level or qualifications of the Property Manager or Building Operator, we have in-house development that can oversee the project.


Tenant Improvements  

In addition to full building construction, we have been directly involved with:

TI’s/Landlord’s Work or Obligations

  • Paint and drywall
  • Carpet and flooring
  • Plumbing and electrical
  • Floorplan reconfigurations
  • Interior renovations
  • Lighting and fixtures
  • HVAC upgrades or new installations

Capital Improvements

  • Roof repair and replacement
  • Asphalt capping or replacement
  • Major repairs
  • Façade upgrades
  • Structural repairs
  • Additions

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